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What do we do as a team?

From the actual to the target: how will digital trends affect the economy of tomorrow and what can we do today to be ahead of the game in the future? New working worlds and forms of organization, agile systems, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and similar developments shape our environment and bring with it opportunities and changes. The challenge for companies is not only to replace the old with the new, but to transform what already exists, taking into account established structures, into the newest possible. This requires a solid knowledge of the past and the present as well as a keen sense for future trends. Where do we come from, where do we stand, what experiences can we take with us and how can we prepare for what is to be expected and make the most of it? These are questions that move us as a team in dealing with our customers. We help companies recognize potentials and barriers within the company, qualify people, translate requirements into “digital” possibilities, find suitable partners for digital implementation and accompany transformation processes.

“The true challenge of digital transformation is not technology”

Who are we?

A group of experts who combine years of experience from different disciplines such as corporate management and control, employee promotion and development, project management and coordination, process control and organizational development, with new technologies and systems. From management to leadership, from company director to company conductor, from hierarchy to self-organization, from automation to autonomization, from real to virtual, from analog to digital, from alert to agile.

Peter Pirker
Peter Pirker
Andreas Krems
Andreas Krems
Roland Zimmermann
Roland Zimmermann
Manuela Prinz
Manuela Prinz

New technologies, trends and your impact on the business model

While many digital technologies are becoming increasingly commonplace in our daily lives, there are others such as hybrid products, augmented reality, wearables, shy-tech, rapid prototyping or sharing economy, which often still sound quite utopian. Many of these technologies will help us people better and bring with them many opportunities to largely replace other existing products and services.
In companies, therefore, the question arises: what do we know about digital trends and what influence do they have on the organization, the existing business model and how we deal with each other? The better prepared companies are for the digital transformation, the faster and easier it is to react to changes and to further expand their competitiveness.
With our online tool, you can quickly and easily get an overview of the most common digital trends and assess the actual situation of your company with regard to digitization.
If you need further information on the trends, possible priorities or inputs to improve your current situation, we are happy to assist you as a discussion partner.


Get support from us for your transformation process


Get information and check where you stand.

Information and position-fixing

Get an overview of the most common digital trends and the current situation of your company.


Recognize your potential and possibilities

Recognize potential

Recognize your potential and possibilities and get more security for your decisions.


Define the direction of your transformation

Define direction

Develop the right strategy for your transformation. Recognize that in this case the direction is more important than just the tempo.


Master the challenge of digital transformation

Master challenges

Get support for the human challenges, a new way of working together and recognize new room for maneuver.


Qualify yourself and your employees for the digital transformation

Kompetenzen erweitern

Expand your knowledge, skills and competencies to capitalize on the possibilities of digital transformation.



Perform transformation

Get started and let actions follow your strategy. Use a partner who walks the path at your side.

How can we help you?