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While many digital technologies are becoming increasingly commonplace in our daily lives, there are others such as hybrid products, augmented reality, wearables, shy-tech, rapid prototyping or sharing economy, which often still sound quite utopian. Many of these technologies will help us people better and bring with them many opportunities to largely replace other existing products and services.
In companies, therefore, the question arises: what do we know about digital trends and what influence do they have on the organization, the existing business model and how we deal with each other? The better prepared companies are for the digital transformation, the faster and easier it is to react to changes and to further expand their competitiveness.
With our online tool, you can quickly and easily get an overview of the most common digital trends and assess the actual situation of your company with regard to digitization.
If you need further information on the trends, possible priorities or inputs to improve your current situation, we are happy to assist you as a discussion partner.

In an increasingly complex work environment, as an entrepreneur, manager or decision maker, you increasingly come into situations where decisions are no longer based on your own knowledge of decades of experience, but are subject to swift decision-making that goes far beyond your own area of ​​expertise / comfort zone are located. An internal vote is in many organizations as a result of pronounced hierarchical thinking is not opportune and so remains only the “lonely” decision.

Sparring (“sparing someone”) is a form of training that exists in many martial arts. It is a fighting similar to competition, but with amended rules and agreements that are intended to prevent injuries as much as possible. The intent of the sparring is to improve the skills of the participants, while in competition a winner is to be determined.

As a sparring partner we help you in a “safe” conversation environment – by asking the right questions or asking questions – exploring potentials and opportunities that give you more security for your decisions.

Fast change and ongoing (digital) change also make higher demands on the development of appropriate strategies. Direction plays more role than only speed. What needs to be considered, how do we have to position ourselves, how can we better use our powers / knowledge and which tools can support us? Questions that we would like to work with you to ensure that your company is on the road to success.

“The real challenge of digital transformation is not technology,” it’s more the people who need to understand, accept, adopt and use it. And that’s where the real challenge often lies. In an ideal world, transforming a business into a new way of working together, such as self-organization or agile systems, makes sense and is good at coping with rapid change and increasing complexity more effectively. In our daily working world, we are dealing with completely different attitudes. The one can and wants to do things, but the other one can not or does not want or can not and then there are those who neither can nor want. Agile coaching helps and supports people in the process of change to get things moving, to work out cooperation frameworks and to find room for maneuver that can be accepted for everyone – or perhaps to realize that they are not or no longer fit into the team.

Digitization has a significant impact on the working life and everyday work of people. Entire industries and employment models are undergoing a transformation process. Soon, nine out of ten jobs will require a minimum level of digital literacy. Digitization makes it necessary to broaden and constantly question existing competences and acquired knowledge. The way knowledge is communicated has changed significantly. Modern technologies offer many opportunities to positively influence our learning behavior. At the same time, it becomes more difficult to validate knowledge, to separate the essential from the nonessential, and to remember the important thing. We help you to bring your employees closer to the digital transformation and to qualify for it.

The best strategy does not help if it is not implemented or if the implementation takes far too long! The agile manifesto and its principles ( agilemanifesto.org ) successfully used in software development for decades. The basic principle is to create a software that follows a clear customer benefit and delivers the highest quality. Individuals and interactions are in the foreground, and it is considered more important to respond to changes than to follow a strictly predetermined plan. Many lessons learned are also in the Lean Start-up Principle ( theleanstartup.com ), which sets the focus on faster action, the results under realistic conditions and learn from it. This approach is in sharp contrast to the traditional approach of first drawing up a detailed plan, balancing and considering all possibilities and only then starting with concrete actions. The driving force behind this new approach is the realization that in an increasingly complex environment, it is almost impossible to anticipate all variants and to consider them in the planning. Increasingly more areas such as leadership, organization, execution, planning, governance, creativity, communication, etc. in companies are taking advantage of the opportunities of agile approaches in change processes. We are happy to assist you with this transformation or concrete change projects by accompanying the process as a coach or assisting you with our experience in process management and project management. Depending on the project character, we will put together the optimal team for you. When implementing agile technology projects, we use our partner company Interlogica ( interlogica.it ) back. For questions about current projects or further information, please contact us.